Port-Royal Habitation

Click on the above image to enter an exploration of the first permanent French settlement in North America.

The Port-Royal National Historic Site is a wonderful place in which to step back into 1605, when the first French settlers had arrived and were establishing a settlement as well as a relationship with the Mi’kmaq people who lived here.  A previous attempt at settlement elsewhere had already failed.  What made this place more successful? There are guides, dressed in the clothes of the time, on hand to answer that question.  This is a place to visit rain or shine.

When you are driving to it, along the Annapolis River, image what it would have felt like before highways and many communities, when sails from a tall ship could be seen over the grass and through the trees.  News from home?  Provisions and new people to talk to?  The British?  The location gives you a feel for what that must have felt like.

The VRs (360° scenes) that are part of the above tour were shot over the course of a number of visits. Each visit, we learned something new.  Each guide knows the history, but has their own specialty and particular interests, so different insight. If you run across a costumed person in the tour, click on them to learn more about the times.  (There are 3 movies to discover.)

More information on visiting and on the history can be found here.

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