Fundy tides in Harbourville

One of the great things about Nova Scotia is the Bay of Fundy and its dramatic tides. The tides here can be easily over 40′ and Harbourville is one of the best places to experience the tides. Harbourville is a raised harbour, which means any boats left in the harbour are resting on the harbour floor when the tide is still going out.

Fundy tides in Harbourville

The timelapse above shows the Fundy tides in Harbourville coming in and going out over an 8 hour period. When the tide goes out, you can walk on the rocky beach and actually stand in the bottom of the harbour. CLICK on the image below to view a 360˙ INTERACTIVE multi-scene of the  harbour at low tide here at Harbourville.

Harbourville, Nova Scotia

CLICK HERE to view 360˙ panoramic Harbourville, Nova Scotia

You can move around by dragging your cursor (or swiping on a tablet) to navigate. Command and shift keys may be used to zoom in and out on a computer, pinch and zoom on a tablet. iOS and Android friendly. Clicking on the arrows in the scene allow to navigate to other scenes.

The fishermen time their lives to the ocean. When the tide is out, the boats sit on the mud and rock. You can walk around them sometimes. High tide to low tide is about 6 hours. From high to low back to high again is about 12 hours, so twice a day.

This timelapse was shot at Harbourville, a fishing hamlet on the Bay of Fundy. If you time it right (tide time, not clock time) during lobster season, you can meet the fishermen coming back in, and pick your lobster right off the boats.

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