Harbourville is a very small working fishing village on the Bay of Fundy, not too far from Berwick. What’s so amazing here, like anywhere on the Bay of Fundy, is the extremes of the tides.

high tide

What’s fascinating about this harbour is that the bottom of the harbour is 30′ above the low tide level, so it’s not accessible at low tide. Here is the same harbour at low tide:

low tide

Shot with iPhone4S – proof that the best camera is the one you have with you.

It was also nice for us to see the island of Ilse Haute closer than the view we’re used to from Cap D’Or. :-)



The fog here is beautiful too. I just love how it sweeps over the cliffs.

Funday fog


A few moments later the cliffs are almost completely obscured and moments after this was taken, the scene was white.

There’s also the Schnitzelhaus restaurant here that makes great fish cakes, apple strudel and seafood chowder. When you go, say Hi to Elke from “Blair & Carolyn” !

Harbourville's restauraurnt

Shot using iPhone 4S.


A homey welcome.


The interior is a charming and eclectic blend of Nova Scotia seashore and German decor. Each table is different, some chairs with cushions and covers: take in the whimsical details and enjoy the warm atmosphere.


Attention is paid to details. This is the raspberry lemonade: how pretty is the presentation! I don’t have enough of a sweet tooth to have fully enjoyed this, but I did love looking at it.


The fish cakes were everything I had hoped for when I first saw the sign outside advertising them. Delicious! And that’s a side serving of baked beans. We both enjoyed these.


The fish chowder is not lacking fish. The light creamy broth didn’t overpower the fish and we both enjoyed it. The bread served with the chowder is another of the wonderful details that shows care in the food preparation: it was wonderful. And if one slice isn’t enough another will be offered to you.


The strudel! We arrived before the restaurant opened and saw a helper peeling apples at the side of the restaurant. Because the rest of the food had been wonderful and there was the German theme, I asked the server (owner?) about the apple strudel. She proudly stated that they made it the long way, no shortcuts here! So, of course, we had to try it. We were not disappointed

Schnitzelhaus restauraunt on Urbanspoon


The last of the evening sun is touching the cliffs at low tide: when the tide comes up, I would be over my head in water from this vantage point.


A fishing boat is returning home on the tide as the evening colour fades away.


Standing below the harbour, looking towards the Black Rock Lighthouse. That will be another post.

Check out our multi-scene panoramic in the harbour. You may also be interested in our Harbourville Nova Scotia travel video.


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11 Responses to Harbourville

  1. grace clansey says:

    We were looking for a beach to take the grandchildren to of an evening, they had a lovely time there it was warm, the sea calm and the pebbles did not hurt when they slipped or fell on them, they collected many stones and shells. Lovely little place but the restaurant was closed when we arrived unfortunately. Will probably visit again at some point when visiting my son and family.

  2. Shawna Finley says:

    Thank-you for sharing! Love the video. It was very nice to see my Husband’s ( Mike Finley ) and his father’s ( Hughie Finley ) boats in it, which are the Red and White wooden boots on the right side of the harbour. Hubby owns the Red one, named, ” 3 Girls” and Hughie owns the white one, behind it. They built both themselves. Hughie has been building wooden fishing boats for many years! The, “3 Girls” is actually for sale. :-)

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  4. Peter Hitchcock says:

    That sure is swell!
    Would like to see some b&bs what a nice place to visit.
    Better than going to Europe where there are too many tourist!
    Appreciate whilst its still there

    • Carolyn says:

      Elke, from the post above, rents cabins in Harbourville. Great location, right next to the beach and harbour. :)

      There are so many wondeful spots and lots of B&Bs, charming old Victorian houses… I forgot how much history is around here. We’ll be posting soon about Annapolis Royal, which was the most fought over place in North America – changed hands so many times. The downtown itself has been designated a National Historic Site.

      Isle Haute, seen off the shore of Harbourville, was named by Samuel de Champlain in 1604!

  5. elke huber says:

    Thank You Both for this amazing blog.
    The photos are real, not McDonald’s painted and staged food pictures.
    It is quite a place, you either love it or do not get it. Someone said to me today Harbourville seems 40 years behind time. I said yes, and the way things are handled are also 40 years behind.
    The people are characters.

    • Carolyn says:

      They are indeed real. :)

      40 years behind, huh? I wonder if it was someone from a big city, in which case, all rural areas would seen like that. I just find it a beautiful place. The harbour is charming, your fishcakes are yummy, the beach is an amazing place to sit and take in the view or to wander along the cliffs and looking for really cool rocks. You might want to consider selling books on local history, local flora and fauna, and geology.

  6. Ted Dyke says:

    Wow, beautiful photographs, it makes you want to head east. Fish Cakes, Chowder, and Strudel…how can you go wrong. Perfect..Thanks

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