Photographer’s Guide

Photographer’s Guide to Nova Scotia shows you what to see when visiting Nova Scotia. Discover must-sees, hidden attractions, whale watching, and great food from all around Nova Scotia. Our travel videos provide intimate tours of places to see and things to do that truly make this a must visit travel destination.

Our Top 10 things to do in Nova Scotia:

What to see in Nova Scotia1) Cap D’Or  It’s by far our favourite place in the province. Breathtaking view of the Bay of Fundy, a lighthouse, and spectacular dining at the Lightkeeper’s Kitchen. The drive from Parsborough to Cap D’Or is even more thrilling than the Cabot Trail in my mind, which is why it’s referred to as the “mini-Cabot Trail.”

Places to see in Nova Scotia2) Brier Island is a bucket-list destination. It’s truely a breathtaking adventure at what seems the ‘edge of the world’. Don’t forget to go whale watching!

3) High Head Trail is the place to go to feel at peace with yourself. Relax stting on the rocks, close your eyes, smell the salt air as the waves pound against the rocks. You can easily forget about the rest of the world here. It can be a good 4-hour hike to complete the whole trail, though. Hidden gem of the province. This place gets no official marketing or publicity what-so-ever, and the locals probably don’t want us telling you about it, either. Close to Halifax, on the way to the well-known Peggy’s Cove.

What to see in Nova Scotia

4) Peggy’s Cove is the iconic Nova Scotia destination. Only 26 miles from Halifax, and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Nova Scotia.

5) Cabot Trail is definitely a fantastic drive, with beautiful scenery, and a rather exhilarating road. Places to see in Nova ScotiaYou’ll want to plan at least a few days for this trip. There are many look-offs where it’s safe to pull off to the side to the road and admire the spectacular scenery. Best known for its fine dining and luxury accommodations, the Keltic Lodge at Ingonish is an amazing resort for a romantic or family getaway vacation by the sea.


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What to see in Nova Scotia6) Port Royal is a replica of the original French settlement built in 1605. This was the first permanent European settlement established in present-day Canada, and the second in North America. There are people in costume on hand to talk about what it was like to have lived back in the time. It’s a simply amazing historical site to see and a truly interesting place to explore for the entire family.

Things to do and see in Nova Scotia7) Chester is a charming seaside town where it seems everyone has a boat. The Dock Pub even has more berths for boats than parking spots for cars!

Things to do and see in Nova Scotia8) Lunenburg  is a tourist’s destination for shopping, dining, history, anything pertaining to sailing, and photography in southeastern Nova Scotia. This is also home to the Bluenose schooner, the ship seen on the Canadian dime.

9) Fortress of Louisberg is a National Historic Site of Canada and an original French settlement established in 1713 on the eastern shore of Cape Breton.

Places to see in Nova Scotia10) Eglise Sainte-Marie is one of the largest and tallest wooden buildings in North America. The church spire rises 56 metres (184 feet) from floor to steeple.