Gilbert’s Cove Lighthouse

Just a little ways south of Digby, Nova Scotia, you’ll find Gilbert’s Cove Lighthouse.

Gilbert's Cove LighthouseThis lighthouse is privately maintained and asks for small donations to help in their effort. I find it sad that the province of Nova Scotia is no longer maintaining many of our historical lighthouses. Don’t they realize lighthouse draw tourists to help the economy?


Gilbert's-Cove-Lighthouse9232 The Gilbert’s Cove District and Historical Society has done a great job preserving this lighthouse – you can even climb the steep stairs into the light dome and gain a 360˙ view.

Gilbert's-Cove-Pano-4434It’s nice to be able to explore lighthouses like this and see what it’s like inside them. I just love it !

Gilbert's Cove Lighthouse View from Inside

Gilbert's-Cove-9180 Gilbert's-Cove-9182 Gilbert's-Cove-9179Google can’t actually find this lighthouse, but it can get you on Lighthouse Road, so just follow the road to the end and you’ll find it.

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