High Head Trail Pano

About the place: this is the magical High Head Trail, where the air is amazing, where a peat trail offers rejuvenating energy return to hikers, where huge rocks make the perfect places for waves to crash. And where if you walk at dusk in bug season without protection when the wind is not blowing, you will truly experience what it means to be “bugged.”

This evening, a sunset was hit and miss due to clouds and fog. Imagine a hot day, too hot for the fog bank sitting out on the ocean to move in. As the sun lowers, however, the temperature cools and the fog begins to creep in. That cloud-free band of sky at the horizon that the sun will pass through and that should allow for a spectacular sunset? The fog, starting off close to the ground, becomes more and more emboldened, becomes thicker and thicker and the sun becomes fainter and fainter until any magic light that had been permitted through fades away.

The smell of the ocean air and peat, the sounds of cormorants heading back to their nests and the waves speaking with the rocks surround us as we make our way back to the end of the trail.

Test portion:

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