The Jackson’s Point One Lung Dory

Our basecamp for production in Nova Scotia is at our cottage at Jackson’s Point, Nova Scotia.

For those of you that have cottages on that beach, the oh-too-familiar sound in the distance is the the Jackson’s Point One Lung Dory. It is (at least we think is) possibly a 1900 Lathrop One Lung Marine Engine. This early 1900s one-lunger is a 2 Cycle Marine Engine made by J.W. Lathrop, Mystic Conn..

1900 Lathrop One Lung Marine Engine

Bill Fairbanks of the Green Rd. owns this dory. He was only out on the water once last summer, and I so missed that loud sound coming from the dory off in the distance.

Audio auto starts on computer, IOS devices you need to push the play button. 

Audio credit: Ben Hutchins

I SO need to interview the owner of the dory!


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