Coate’s Point

The locals know this point of land as Coate’s Point. We find it to be a wonderful walk from our cottage just down the shore at Jackson’s Point.

Beach Walk Nova Scotia

The sand and mud is warm between your toes and it’s very comfortable in your bare feet. As kids, and still today, we affectionally call this point “crab island” probably beacuse of the rock crabs that hang out on these rocks.

Rock Crab, Nova Scotia

CLICK on the image below to view a 360˙ INTERACTIVE scene. You can move around by dragging your cursor (or swiping on a tablet) to navigate. Command and shift keys may be used to zoom in and out on a computer, pinch and zoom on a tablet. iOS and Android friendly.


 This is also a good place to see shorebirds looking for food in the mud as the tide comes in.


Blair on the beach


Coates Point 360˙ sceneIf you’ve made it this far, here’s a reward for you …  a multi-scene virtual tour of this beach.


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