Confederation Bridge

A behind the scenes look at a 360˙ VR photoshoot at Confederation Bridge.

BehindTheScenes_6691You can view the 360˙ scene by clicking the image below.


We often drive to Cape Jourimain to photograph Confederation Bridge as it’s only a short drive from our cottage in Nova Scotia. There’s a parking lot and a short path to a great view of the bridge. ConfederationBridge8793 ConfederationBridge8859_1280 ConfederationBridge1369 ConfederationBridge

 The photo below also includes the Cape Jourimain lighthouse.

Cape-Jourimain Lighthouse and Confederation Bridge

JourimainLighthouse8824_1024 Cape-Jourimain-NB_3482Jourimain_3623_DSC1061cBridge_1024

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