Hall’s Harbour

Hall’s Harbour is a quaint little fishing village with a history involving pirates and treasure. It’s located on the Bay of Fundy, not to far from Wolfville and if you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth the drive to visit.

The road down to the village is steep, so it’s advisable to slow down when approaching.

entering Halls Harbour

Below is a view of the picturesque harbour there.

Halls Harbour

Looking into the harbour.



A restaurant/lobster pound/gift shop sits right beside the harbour.


If you’re looking for some art as a trip souvenir, aside from the gift shop that is part of the restaurant is an artist’s shop. Here, Maritime artists have painting, pottery and assorted crafts for sale.

The tides here are some of the highest in the world, and on the edge of the wharf there’s a tide gauge that indicates the current height of the tide.

Tide Marker

Still, it’s a working harbour for lobster fishermen and that makes for wonderful photo opportunities.

Take a walk along the boardwalk, check out the hiking trails, stroll down the beach (but not going too far unless you are familiar with the tides!), look for new pieces of art for your mantle, or sit on the outside deck eating lobster or seafood chowder, Hall’s Harbour is a beautiful place to spend the day. Even if you just sit on a bench and watch the boats lower and rise at the whim of the impressive local tides, it’s a worth some time.

Halls Harbour fishing boat

General store Halls Harbour Halls-Harbour-5125


Around the harbour is a boardwalk.


The boardwalk is not only a lovely stroll, but gives you the history of the area and also talks about the tides and fishing life. At one end, a sign sits that shows you what you are looking at as you let your eyes wander the horizon.


As you travel around the Bay of Fundy, the cliffs of Cape Split will be a common sight. Hall’s Harbour has a great view. If you have time on your trip, the hiking trail to Cape Split is spectacular. It does require a minimum level of physical fitness, but the payoff is an amazing view of the bay, as well as access down to beaches at low tide. One of these beaches is known for amethyst.


At low tide, you can explore the cliff-lined beach. Be careful about walking too close to the cliff, as rocks do fall. Speaking of rocks, these are worth some notice. You may notice lots of little crystals embedded in them. If you happen to find one that looks like it might be something more, the Bay of Fundy is know for fossil finds.

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