Nova Scotia Sendoff


 All good things must come to an end, but it was a bittersweet end to our time that the morning we left was the morning I had been waiting all summer for photography-wise.  As the sky brightened to announce the new day, mist rose from flat water, catching the light and transforming the earth into something magical.  Pink hues painted the world as the sun got closer to peeking over the horizon. Seeing and experiencing this is the reason to be up before the sun, camera or not. If you ever want a “magic button” on your camera, clicking your shutter at this time of day is as close as you’ll get. I had been up at dawn many times this summer, but clouds, wind, tides, light hadn’t come together until this morning.  We couldn’t postpone our return to the big city and we had a long drive ahead, so I took a couple of shots before I got into the car, then did my best to capture some of the beauty at highway speeds.


Nature is unpredictable and we are at her whim. This summer will go down in our books as one of the windiest, which wasn’t ideal for the photos I was trying to capture, and it seemed that whenever the tides were right, I didn’t have the lighting or wind.  But every day is a new day, perhaps the day in which things come together.  If we don’t get out, there is 100% certainty that we won’t get the opportunities that we are looking for; when we do go out, we are going to  see a lot of misses, but the hits…those make it worth the effort.  While it killed me to get into the car and leave this morning, at least I was able to see it before we left. And, the icing, I was able to get off a few shots as a memory.


We have many more images and stories to tell of our time in Nova Scotia and as we are able to process content, this blog will continue to be updated.  Canada is a spectacular country and Nova Scotia is particularly close to our hearts. The more we see and discover, the more we want to explore.


This is the country road that has us in New Brunswick, across the bay from our cottage. The cottages are to the right of this scene.


And here’s the sun showing itself, soon to rid the land and water of the magical mist.


What’s a country sendoff without getting stuck behind a farm vehicle at first light? Layers of fog hung in bands over the land.


The sun is rising and is painting with golden light where it touches the the physical world.


The bands of fog and mist take on rosy and golden hues before the sun rises high enough to warm the land and chase them away.



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