Black Rock Lighthouse

Black Rok from Harbourville

We arrived at Black Rock in heavy fog on a warm summer day in late July. The top was down on the car (that’s how warm a day it was), but upon reaching Black Rock we encountered nature’s air-conditioner – the Bay of Fundy.

Black Rock wildflowers

Wildflowers on the side of the road at Black Rock

Beach and Fog at Black Rock

You can see how close the road is here to the beach, and it’s not much of a climb down.




Carolyn bolted down to the rocky beach to take photos, but missed the stark contrast of the wildflowers in bright sunlight against the vastly dense fog just a few metres away. I snap all these shots with my iPhone.

Wildflowers at Block Rock


Watch the fog sweep past the lighthouse in the video below. If you have trouble seeing the fog move, try scrubbing the play head in the video and it will become apparent.

Black Rock Lighthouse from Carolyn Stampeen.

Fog at Black Rock beach

Seeing this shot above, we now understand why Carolyn was in such a hurry to get down to the beach. She didn’t want to miss the fog.

blackrock_9755blackrock_9721blackrock_9722 blackrock_9743

I, on the other hand, wandered off to record the sound of the ocean. You can listen here.


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