Sunset to Stars

Ah, this is just a first attempt but turned out better than expected. Still not as smooth as I want, but that’s why I did it – to learn what to improve on. Basically I need more exposure changes, ones that are more subtle, too.

Note: does not play on iOS as this version is Flash-based.

Sunset to Stars from Carolyn Stampeen.

The timelapse was shot in 35 second intervals over 4 1/2 hours. I used LRTimelapse 2.3.1 in conjunction with Adobe Lightroom 4 to create smooth transitions over multiple exposure changes.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes setup

You can see my exposure changes reflected in the blue line in the photo below. The Auto transition button in LRTimelapse adjusts XMP data in Lightroom non-rated/starred keyframes, making the multiple exposure sequence seem seamless.


Here’s my second attempt. Note how smooth the transitions are in comparison with the first attempt:

SunsetToStars2 from Carolyn Stampeen.


To learn more about this technique, check out these links:

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