Blomidon Look-off

_DSC7661blomiden_1024Serendipity. I love this word. It just rolls off the tongue in such a pleasant way and can be a wonderful part of a day if one doesn’t let him or herself get too stuck to schedules and set ways of doing things.  It was a happy accident that we turned right instead of going straight on our way to the Blomidon Look-off. We passed this beautiful setting with fishing boats sitting on mirror-like water, with red sand cliffs behind them and a gorgeous assortment of wildflowers in front.

As for the Blomidon Look-off, if you are heading for or going through the Annapolis Valley, it is worth the little sidetrack.  The view is spectacular, even on the rather hazy day we were there. There is an amazing view of the Valley and on a clear day one can see 5 counties. Keep an eye out for bald eagles or hawks soaring through the scene.

Blomidon Panorama

If you click on this image, it will open in its own window, where you can view a larger size.




I had my camera set on a tripod, low ISO, high DOF, which means that I wasn’t prepared for the eagle that flew into view. I took advantage of my tripod head’s quick release and was adjusting my shutter speed as I was aiming and trying to focus on the moving target, but I wasn’t quite fast enough, as you can see by this not being in sharp focus. I am just including it here because what a great angle on a Bald Eagle! If you visit, keep your eyes open and maybe you’ll get a better shot.


This is another angle on the boats shown in the first image of this post. It was the first image I shot before noticing the amazing wildflowers along the side of the road. This shot was taken with my telephoto lens and I positioned myself so that I could capture the reflections of the boat as well as that amazing rock formation in the water off to the left. The top image was shot with a wide angle lens and incorporated the docked boats into the local landscape.

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