Nova Scotia Starfish

It’s almost June again, so we’re starting our preparations for our yearly migration from Toronto to our cottage in Nova Scotia. I can hardly wait to walk on the warm sand as the tide rushes in over your toes. 🙂


So far, I’ve arranged for our seasonal Internet to be turned on again the day we plan to arrive. Gotta love Seaside for seasonal Internet! Our cottage is located on the Northumberland straight (that’s the ocean between Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island).  I just love driving down the Sunrise Trail in the car and seeing the farms nestled right up to the oceanside.


With the clouds on the horizon and the still water on a hot summer day, it’s not typically what comes to mind when you think of the ocean, but it is for me at the cottage. Nova Scotia is my place to relax.Jacksons1989

Can’t wait to walk the beach again as the tide is coming in, and search for crabs around the rocks. We just photograph the crabs by the way. Carolyn has a great video of a crab attacking her GoPro here.

CoatesPt2635I have noticed a drop in the sightings of starfish on our beach in recent years, so much so that two years ago I didn’t find any. Fortunately they seem to be on the comeback as I spotted several last summer.  I hope to video them more this summer.

Nova Scotia Starfish


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