Back Before the Tide

_DSC8709harbourvile_1024This lobster boat has returned with its deck full of lobster traps, but it’s back well before the tide is high enough for it to enter the harbour. We can see the high tide mark by the black on the rocks marking the harbour channel. This harbour is raised, so the boat will have to wait until the water gets to at least the half way mark before it can begin carefully creeping in.

What to do until then?  Well, just sit and wait.


The guys are waiting out the tide. When the boat starts to drift in too close to the shore, they power up and move further out to drift some more.


The water is now just deep enough for them to creep into the harbour. We can see that it’s still not deep enough to float most of the boats, but there is a deeper part that will allow them to dock and begin unloading. These guys know the harbour well.

Time-lapse video below:

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