Smuggler’s Cove

Smugglers Cove
halloween_4080This year I dressed up as a pirate on Halloween. Too bad you can’t see the fake boots in this shot. These days we think of pirates as characters in blockbuster movies or as a costume to wear, but in the not so distant past, pirates were real and they sailed the waters of Nova Scotia! And…so did smugglers.

The American Prohibition proved to be a lucrative time for rum smugglers. One cove used by smugglers is today a provincial park. Located on the Evangeline Trail.

Smugglers Cove
This sea-carved cave is well hidden in the cove, and that made it an idea choice for rumrunners to hide contraband liquor during Prohibition in the United States. The cave is approximately 15′ high and runs 60′ inland. Inside the cave are names and dates of various explorers from different years are engraved into the rock inside the cave. Some of these engraving are up to 15′ from the ground, indicating the surf may have eroded the floor of the cave over the years, or they were carved from a rowboat at high tide.

Smugglers-Cove4150Smugglers Cove
Smugglers Cove
Smugglers CoveSmugglers CoveSmugglers CoveSmugglers Cove

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