Kejimkujik National Park

Having been to the interior of  Algonquin Park many times over the years, we knew we had to experience Kejimkujik National Park to check out the dark skies the area has been known for. The interior camping we have done at Algonquin involved multiple portages with gear and canoe. In Kejimkujik, we had no portages to our campsite so we were able to take much more photographic gear than normal.

Episode 1 of our TV series covers Kejimkujik National Park.

Nova Scotia tourism is even catching this wave and starting to promote the province as an excellent destination for night sky viewing. We specifically came to film Kejimkujik for our upcoming series and shoot a night sky time-lapse, but Kejimkujik is also a great destination for those who like to hike and camp in the wilderness.

Kejimkujik Milky Way If you’re planning on going, you can rent a canoe at Jakes Landing from Whynot Adventure. Don’t forget your park pass! Permits for National Parks are free this year #Canada150, but you still need to order one in advance.

Jakes Landing 8682

We stayed at a campsite that had a shelter covering a picnic table. It also had a southern facing view at one section, and this was of importance to us so we could capture the Milky Way at night.

Here we are, arriving at our campsite after a 2 hour paddle.
Kegi Arrival 0787

Here I am filming in “Little river” close to our campsite.

Kejimkujik Filming 0803

This turtle sunning itself was a pleasant surprise. In fact, there are volunteers that search for Blanding Turtle nests during egg-laying season to protect the nests against predation.


Carolyn was up early each morning out in the canoe and was able to spot deer by the lake shore. They weren’t bothered buy her slow paddling, so she was able to get some good photos.

Kegi deer 0350 _DSC0417kedgie_1024 _DSC0519turtle_1024 _DSC0539jj_1024 _DSC0547kedgie_1024 _DSC0633kedgie_1024 _DSC1806kedgie_1024

Click on the image below to explore the campground in 360˙


Special thanks to Jerry and Judy Black, our guides on this trip to Kejimkujik, and fellow tech-geeks. READ MORE on Carolyn’s Blog





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