St. James Gate Revisited

We had to run some errands in Moncton, so we decided to stop by St. James Gate once again for lunch. I love the cave-like atmosphere of  the bar there.

St James Gate Interior

Since last summer, I have noticed some welcome changes to the draught on tap, most notably, the addition of one of my favourites, Delerium Tremens. Of course, I had to order one.

St James Gate TapsBlair at St. James Gate

Carolyn ordered the seafood soup and commented on how tasty it was, never a disappointment here.

Seafood Soup

I sampled Charley’s Chowder, which is a lunch-time summer menu item. I enjoyed the chowder very much.



The icing for our lunch was the very wonderful waitress, Carol. Bubbly, energetic and charming, her smiling,  attentive service made this the best experience we’ve had here to date.

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