Whale Watching Off Brier Island

Last Sunday we went whale watching off Brier Island. I had no idea what to expect as I had never done this before.

WesternLink2542I thought we might catch a glimpse of a whale from a distance, I  really didn’t expect to be up close next to a whale. We saw Humpbacks that day, 6 or 7.



WesternLight2444 HumpbackTail2256 HumpbackTail2158 Flash5787 FlashTail130811_5816 FlashTail130811_5827 FlashBlow5737 Humpbacks5667 Humpback5493 Humpback5451 Humpbacks5468

Overall, quite amazing. The next day, Tania from the whale watching tour got an amazing double breach photo.

Watch whales in our video showcase of Brier Island here, it has received rave reviews.

Brier Island video, review of

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