Video Tour of Brier Island

Brier Island is one of my top four places to visit when travelling to Nova Scotia – the others being the Cabot Trail, Peggy’s Cove and Cap D’Or. Brier Island is a must-visit destination to enjoy some of the best scenery in the world and when you need to enjoy life to its fullest. This video tour of Brier Island should give you a really good feeling of what to expect when you visit, and hopefully Brier Island will give you an experience of a lifetime, too! Please take some time and watch all 11 minutes and leave us comments below, as it took us a lot of work to create it.

Swipe or move your mouse across the above image to pan along the Brier Island waterfront.

Getting to Brier Island via the two ferries is half the fun. And where else in the world would a departing ferry actually stop, back up and let two latecomers on?! We stayed at Brier Island Lodge, which you can see in the photo below, at the top of the hill.

BrierIslandLodgeFerry1392 Westport is a fantastic jewel to discover if you’re a photographer…and even if you’re not.

Westport Fishing Shack Westpoint wharf Westport Fishing Shack Westport Dock Coiled Rope at Fishing Shack, Westport NS

There are a few whale watching tour operators located in Westport. These guys advertise with their car. It’s nice to see the tour operators cooperate with each other in order to both accomodate their customers and to not stress out the whales.The fog just seems to make everything better for photography. It definitely gives a realistic Maritime experience.

Whale Car Westport harbour Spider Web with mist

For me, I find it so relaxing to be able to sit by the edge of the ocean and listen to waves and fog horns from lighthouses. It’s therapeutic after coming from the bustle of the big city. This is the Western Light on Brier Island, and you can hear its foghorn in the video above.

Western Light, Brier IslandWestern Light, Brier IslandOcean Waves off Western Point, Brier Island

Can you spot the lighthouse on Peter’s Island shown in the panoramic view below? If you can’t, click the image to view it full resolution.

Lighthouse on Peter's Island, Grand Passage

If you drive past Brier Island Lodge, you’ll end up at yet another lighthouse, the Grand Passage Light. Follow the path along the shore from here and you should be able to find seals on the rocks and in the ocean. It’s a wonderful hike along the ocean at sunset.

Western Point WildflowersGrand Passage Lighthouse, Brier IslandNorthern Light Trail Grand Passage Light coastal Trail Seal Brier Island Wildflowers _DSC9871brier_640_forever Selecting the photographs for this article was very challenging, as we shot so so many when we were there. The video on this page contains many more, and we have taken so many other shots I could have included as well. Grand Passage Light hiking Trail Perhaps, I need to leave them out so you’ll want to go and experience Brier Island for yourself ! – Blair Besides this Video Tour of Brier Island, also, check out our other posts about Brier Island: Brier Island, Whale Watching, Brier Island Lodge, and the Lighthouse Cafe.

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